karnival sukan imtgt ke15


I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity to be a part fo the working group visiting the 15th IMT-GT Varsity Carnival at the Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand. While on this visit, I have observed and learned many things as an observer to the carnival.

On a whole, I find that I have experienced and learned a lot from the culture of the organizing university, their work ethic, commitment and the athletics readiness of the athletes who competed in the games. I am happy that I had the privilege of sharing this experience with council members, to whom I am sure this experience has also been invaluable.

Self Reflection by Roselyn

I am really grateful and thankful because was given such opportunity to participate in this program which conducted by UTM Sports Excellence. This is my first time to go to Thailand. I learnt many things about Thailand, especially their unique culture.

Self-Reflection by Haziq

I am very grateful and happy to be selected as one of the members of SASC to join this program. This is my first time to join such program. This program has given me so many new experiences that will be quite useful for me in the future.               

One of those useful experiences is that, this program has made my relationship between me and my fellow friend from SASC and also from 5ETP has become closer. This will make easier for us to work together in the future when joining the event or carnival held by UTM Sport Excellence.

Self-reflection by Ashraf

First of all, I would like to thank to UTM Sport Excellence for giving me this opportunity to join this event. I am really happy to become one of the SASC members to participate this event. There are
many things that I learnt from this event. This is my first time to go to Thailand. So I’m very excited to get know about the people, food and their culture.

This program makes the relationship and teamwork between SACC members and 5ETP become stronger. We get to know each other during this trip. It is important and good for us since we will meet
and work together in other events that conduct by UTM Sport Excellence.

Self reflection by Fairuz

Program like this is strongly recommended for SASC. We get to know more people outside our social network not only from our mother home, but also students from other country. The overall feedback to this program is good.

Self-Reflection by Edric Wong King Hu

gambar : kamera PSU

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